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Donna Farhi, International Yoga Teacher and Author of “Bringing Yoga to Life” loves the ENSO Pearl: “I’m a huge fan of the ENSO clock! With a selection of soothing chimes and bells, the ENSO clock offers a wonderful alternative to the interruptive nature of most alarm clocks. As a tool for Yoga practice it has helped me settle into my sitting meditation and restorative Yoga postures…” [READ MORE]

“WOW, Oh my what can I say! I’ve just received and enjoyed the “Three Daily Practices” . Thank you. Thank you. This DVD is very special.”

“What a wonderful experience using healingsounds has been! I loved the mix of bells & sounds of nature put together in this way. It seemed to take you on a journey, gently lifting you up & bringing you back down, with the rhythm of your own meditation…”[READ MORE]


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